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1979: Our early business, Sandman, delivered sand and rock to a small Bay Area concrete company that had two trucks and was looking to sell. The result was Star Quality Concrete. We started with a small batch plant, loading rock and sand with a scoop loader into weigh batchers. The material went up a conveyor to the truck hopper. A silo with a weigh batcher dispensed cement to the truck through a screw drive.

1982: Star bought the site at Monterey & Old Tully from Sunset Rock, added an enhanced batch plant (the orange one now at our Gilroy site) and scales.

1989: We bought the property on 7th in San Jose

1990: We moved to the new property and built our facility.

2004: Star acquired two new batch plants (twin shaft high shear, from Italy), way beyond anything in the United States.

2008: Our solar-powered crushing plant prepares us for a green future!

2009: To make room for base rock at the San Jose site, we moved a plant system to Hollister using our Murray trailer through a wide load route.


2010: Star Concrete becomes first in nation to use CNG trucks.


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