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Davis Colors

Star Concrete has partnered with Davis Colors™ for decorative concrete colors. Davis Colors™ is the leading US manufacturer of color additives and automatic color dosing systems for ready mix concrete. Our two batch plants are equipped with Davis Colors'™ state-of-the-art concrete color automation systems called Chameleon®.

The Chameleon® systems use four pure, non-fading, inert synthetic iron oxide primary colors in liquid form, called Hydrotint® , to make thousands of standard and custom concrete colors. The Hydrotint® iron oxide liquid pigment is made of 60% pre-consumer recycled steel and iron, so they qualify for LEED's recycled content requirement. The fifth color is made of high strength liquid carbon pigment, which makes really dark intense black concrete or varying shades of dark gray to black.

Hydrotint® pigments are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA which qualifies them for LEED's local content points. Decorative concrete with high solar reflectance for LEED heat island requirements is also a priority with Star Concrete. We offer many concrete colors with a Solar Reflective Index rating of 29 or higher. To see the SRI color ratings visit www.solarreflectiveindex.com.

You can also visit www.concretepalette.com to download free color design software.

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