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Safety Vision is the leading global provider of mobile video solutions, including onboard surveillance and collision avoidance camera systems. For nearly 17 years, Safety Vision has provided fleet operators in diverse industries with a full suite of onboard surveillance and collision avoidance camera systems.

Public and private sector fleets in diverse transportation and heavy equipment industries look to Safety Vision’s proven collision avoidance and mobile surveillance recording systems—featuring rear-, side-, and forward-view cameras, reliable in-car monitors, and rugged mobile digital video recorders— to improve driver safety, performance, and productivity, and minimize and maximize business results. Safety Vision has a wide range of collision avoidance mobile surveillance cameras and monitors available.

Safety Vision fleet operations onboard video surveillance solutions help:

•    Enhance your drivers' visibility—on the road and at the destination or work site
•    Reduce backing and other moving accidents involving fleet vehicles
•    Reinforce professional conduct and driver accountability
•    Improve driver safety, performance, and productivity
•    Minimize risk and maximize business results

Safety Vision mobile surveillance components include mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs) for transit, police, school bus, commercial, and other fleet vehicles; user-friendly video viewing, sharing, and management software; rear-, side-, and forward-view interior and exterior cameras featuring infrared technology; and in-cab LCD monitors with built-in audio. Mobile recording solutions enable streamlined wireless downloading and simplified backend management of video, audio, and other system data. Extended service agreements and worldwide field installation available. For more information on Safety Vision, call 800.880.8855 or 713.896.6600, or visit www.safetyvision.com or www.candidoncameras.com.

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